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Is Honda Odyssey A Minivan (13 Answers)

Honda vehicles rank high among the best cars, SUVs, hybrids, and minivans in the US market. One of the top-selling Honda products is the Odyssey, packed with cool and high-tech features. You may wonder if the Odyssey is a minivan or not.

Continue reading this post to see if the Odyssey is a minivan, its features, and how it compares to its rivals.   

Is the Honda Odyssey a Minivan?

Honda Odyssey is a minivan extremely popular among families in the American market. It was the first minivan produced and marketed by Honda in 1994. This minivan has been offered in five generations, going through a wide range of modifications and facelifts.

Built on the Accord chassis, the first generation came with two different trim levels. The EX model accommodated six passengers with a pair of removable captain’s chairs in the second row. The LX model accommodated seven passengers with three rows of seats.

The second generation was even bigger than the previous model, introducing sliding doors with a powerful V6 engine. The third generation, specifically in 2008, underwent a facelift and became wider than the other predecessors.

The fourth generation, introduced in 2011, came with five trim levels, namely LX, EX, EX-L, Touring, and Touring Elite. It became longer and wider than the previous models, and the rear-view backup camera came in all Odyssey models in 2013.

The fifth-generation Odyssey came out in 2018 with a narrower and taller body. It’s praised for its ample storage space, comfortable interior, and large seats. The spacious interior makes it a great minivan for big families driving inside or outside the city. It features three rows of seats with large sliding doors, making for a perfect minivan.

It features an 8-inch infotainment center that works with Apple and Android platforms, including Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

The latest models are packed with tech features, including WIFI and an intercom enabling communication with the third seat.

What is a Minivan?

Minivans, as opposed to full-size vans, feature two or three seating rows for transporting 6 to 8 passengers. Built on a small car’s chassis, a minivan has sliding doors, although some models have hinged rear doors, too.

A minivan is taller and longer than a sedan with one-box or two-box designs and enough headspace for passengers to get in easily. There are different types of minivans in terms of size, which include micro, compact, medium, and full-sized.

The first American minivan was the Plymouth Voyager introduced by the Chrysler 1984, while the first minivan introduced in Europe was the 1984 Renault Espace

What Type of Car is a Honda Odyssey?

Honda Odyssey is a minivan with three rows of seats that can transport 6-8 passengers depending on the model and the trim level. It’s considered a Compact MPV with ample cargo room and headspace for passengers.

Newer models feature around 158 cubic feet of space behind the first row. You can reach a maximum of 92 cubic feet of space behind the second row by folding the second-row seats. The third row is also foldable, giving you a maximum of 38 cubic feet.

It also features Honda’s signature Magic Slide seats allowing the second-row seats to move in different ways to adjust the space according to the passengers’ needs.

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Is Honda Odyssey Being Discontinued?

Honda is going to discontinue Odyssey but not in all locations. It’s going to stop producing this minivan in Japan to prepare for new, green technologies.

They’re closing their main Japanese plant, the Sayama, to align their operations with their vision of manufacturing Zero-emission vehicles by 2040.  

They announced this decision in 2017. However, the American plant in Alabama won’t stop, so it doesn’t affect the US market.

In addition, the Asian market will continue to source its Honda Odyssey from China so it won’t affect the Asian market either.  

Is Odyssey Better than Sienna?

Although Toyota Sienna has set itself apart from its long-term rival and other minivans by going hybrid, Odyssey beats Sienna in many aspects. The Odyssey has more cargo room and offers a better drive.

The Hybrid Sienna features two electric motors and a 2.5 L I-4 engine delivering 245 horsepower. On the other hand, Odyssey comes with a 3.5 L V6, producing 262 lb/ft and 280 horsepower.

Although it has a much lower mpg than the Sienna (22 vs. 35), the higher power and torque give you a better and livelier driving experience.

That said, both models are on par regarding safety. Both vehicles feature lane keep assist, adaptive cruise control, and automatic emergency braking through their companies’ signature safety systems.  

Is Honda Odyssey a Hybrid?

The Odyssey isn’t a hybrid as it features a V6 engine. The drivetrain isn’t designed to accommodate an electric engine, so it may not introduce a hybrid model unless they offer a new generation.

The popular people mover takes pride in being spacious, which makes it too heavy to become hybrid.

However, there are some speculations about the arrival of the fifth-generation replacement featuring a 2 L, 4-cylinder hybrid powertrain. That said, there haven’t been any official announcements by the Honda officials yet.

Does Honda Odyssey Have Transmission Problems?

Many Honda Odyssey owners have experienced and reported transmission issues with many model years. The most frequent problems were in 2001, 2002, and 2003 models. 

The most common problems reported by customers include:

  • Transmission failure.
  • Humming from the transmission.
  • Torque converter shifting. 
  • Issues when shifting gears. 
  • Jerking when shifting. 
  • Shaking at high speeds. 
  • Smell of burning.
  • Check engine light on. 
  • Loud noise when the car is in neutral.

The current transmission on the fifth-generation Odyssey is a 10-speed transmission, one of the best and most popular transmissions on an MPV.

The fifth generation continues to have these problems to the point that Honda recalled 50,000 Odysseys due to these problems. 

They solved the issue by altering their software, and if it continues, they’ll change the transmission for free.

Is a Honda Odyssey a Good Car?

The Honda Odyssey is one of the best minivans in the US market, ranking high based on customers’ opinions. According to US News, the 2021 Odyssey is their best minivan for money and the best minivan for families.

A combination of high ratings in reliability, safety, cargo and passenger space, infotainment system, and fuel economy make it one of the best minivans available.

What Is the Difference Between Honda Odyssey 2021 and 2022?

After the major facelift in Honda 2021, there’s not much difference to see in the 2020 Odyssey. Since both belong to the fifth generation of Odyssey, they have the same performance, engine, cargo space, and infotainment system. 

The only difference is that the 2022 Odyssey doesn’t have the HondaVac feature because of supplier issues.

Does the Odyssey Have AWD?

The Odyssey doesn’t have an AWD drivetrain, and all the year models of Odyssey come with FWD. However, it features the Snow Mode, or the Intelligent Traction Management, which improves the wheel’s grip on a snowy road. 

It engages different aspects of the transmission, including Shift-By-Wire and Vehicle Stability Assist to supply enough traction on slippery courses.

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What SUV is Comparable to Honda Odyssey?

The Honda CR-V is one the best options among SUVs that are on par with Honda Odyssey.

It’s a well-rounded vehicle with great fuel efficiency, good value for money, and similar safety tech as Odyssey’s.

Plus, this Honda SUV is elderly-friendly and family-friendly with ample cabin space, offering lots of comfort for a small family.

Here are some of the differences between the two models:

Fuel Economy27 mpg (city), 32 mpg (highway)19 mpg (city), 28 mpg (highway)
Power190 horsepower @ 5,600 RPM280 horsepower @ 6,000 RPM
Maximum seats58

What is the Most Popular Minivan?

According to Newsweek, the top-selling minivan in the US market in 2021 was Toyota Sienna, with more than 50,000 sold in 2021. It’s only sold as a hybrid model, which can make the competition harder for other rivals.

Other popular minivans following Toyota Sienna are:

  • Chrysler Pacifica with over 47,571 sold in 2021
  • Honda Odyssey with over 47,556 sold in 2021
  • Kia Carnival with 11,859 sold in 2021
  • Dodge Grand Caravan with 2,867 sold in 2021

What is the Coolest Minivan?

Different people may have different standards for a cool minivan. But based on online reviews and sales stats, the Toyota Sienna is one of the coolest minivans out there.

With several outstanding upgrades since it was born, this minivan has some cool features that no minivan can beat.

It comes in five different trim levels, recliner chairs, a backup camera featuring a 180-degree panoramic view, and a Smart Key System.

Which Minivan Has the Quietest Ride?

Honda Odyssey ranks highest among minivans for having a quiet ride. Its streamlined aerodynamics, 10-speed transmission, and enhanced suspension give it the perfect shush factor. 

It also features an acoustic spray foam all over its hollow body parts and a 3-layered acoustic glass windshield. The doors are triple-sealed, which among other noise-cancellation features, give you a serene ride in the middle of traffic.

Final Thoughts

Honda’s Odyssey is one of the highest-ranking minivans in the US market. Its spacious interior, streamlined exterior, and cool features make it a luxurious and comfortable car with good value for money.

Hopefully, the questions answered in this post will help you compare this minivan with other competitors if you’re in the market for a cool minivan.