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4 Best Honda Generator For RV Camping (Guide)

Although Honda is popular for manufacturing cars and motorcycles, they also happen to be a top manufacturer of portable generators.

Like other products under the brand, Honda generators are acclaimed for their reliability, good performance, and ease of use.

In this post, we highlight four portable Honda generators that we found to be most suitable for RV camping.

Does Honda Make An RV Generator?

No, Honda doesn’t make generators specifically for RV camping or even for RVs in general.

However, the company produces dozens of models, most of which can work in RVs.

These portable generators are typically quiet, small in size, and lightweight, meaning they can easily fit in any RV.  

What Size Generator Do You Need To Run RV?

If you have limited RV space, you need to go for a relatively small and lightweight generator.

We recommend getting one with a weight of between 50 and 100 pounds.

These are not only easier to carry around, but also tend to have other useful features such as sturdy handles and small tanks.

On the other hand, you can get a more powerful (preferably a 100+ pound) generator if you want to use heavy devices such as an oven, fridge, or microwave.

What To Look For When Buying?

When shopping for a camping generator, you need to consider the following features:

Noise Level

Camping is all about getting in touch with nature and the quieter a generator is, the better. 

Therefore, consider going for generators with noise ratings of under 60 decibels. 


All generators are categorized according to their output in watts. 

Low-power generators typically range between 1000-2000 watts while those above 3000 watts are considered high-power.

If you’re an average user with an optimal amount of electronics, a 1800-2800 watt generator will meet your needs perfectly.

Take each device you wish to use and multiply its amps with its voltage.

Then add all the individual wattages together and you will have an idea of the exact generator to go for.

Type of Output

All factors held constant, inverter generators are the most ideal for RV camping.

They typically generate energy by producing AC power, converting it to DC, and then converting the DC back to AC.

This results in cleaner, and more stable power output compared to traditional gas generators.

The latter produces ready-to-use AC power that is not as clean or stable.

As a result, inverters are less likely to burn sensitive electronics like computers.

Fuel Efficiency

RV camping should be a fun experience. As such, you need a generator that won’t significantly add to your costs.

As a rule of thumb, go for generators that give you at least 9 hours of service per gallon at quarter load.

Best Honda Generator For RV Camping

1. Honda EU2200i 

The EU2200i is not only powerful but also lighter and more convenient.

As its name suggests, the generator produces 2200 watts, making it capable of powering a fridge, LED TV, and laptop simultaneously.

The EU2200i can run for over 8 hours on only 0.95 gallons, depending on the type of equipment connected.

The best part is that the EU2200i comes with the Honda My Generator App integration that allows you to monitor and control power output from your phone.

Notable Features

  • Honda My Generator App + Bluetooth capability
  • Weighs 47 lbs
  • Honda GXR120 Commercial Series engine
  • CO-Minder – Monitors carbon monoxide levels and automatically shuts the generator down when the CO levels reach dangerous levels
  • 0.95 gallons fuel tank
  • Produces 67 decibels of noise


  • An extremely lightweight and portable generator
  • Provides enough power to run all types of equipment carried in RVs
  • Incredibly quiet even on full load
  • As an inverter, it provides stable output for sensitive equipment


  • A bit expensive for a 2200-watts generator

2. Honda EU1000I

The EU1000I is incredibly cheap, weighs only 29 pounds, and can power up your appliances for up to 6 hours on 0.6 gallons.

The unit is super quiet. It can produce between 42 and 50 decibels depending on load.

Despite being a budget model, the EU1000I also comes with the CO-Minder safety feature and My Generator App integration.

In essence, it is a smaller, cheaper version of the EU2200i and is geared for smaller RVs.

However, if you need extra power, the EU1000I allows you to add an identical, parallel generator so you can double your power.

Notable Features

  • Weighs 28.7 lbs
  • 1000 watts output
  • CO-Minder
  • Honda My Generator App integration
  • Recoil starter
  • 42-50 dB (A) noise level
  • Honda GXH50 engine


  • Lightweight 
  • Very cheap
  • Stunningly quiet
  • Good fuel efficiency


  • Cannot power larger items like fridges and cookers

3. Honda EG2800i

The EG2800i weighs 67 lbs and has a tank capacity of 2.1 gallons.

The generator can give about 5 hours of continuous service at rated load, and up to 12.1 hours on quarter load.

It can produce enough power to run most devices, including heavy machines such as microwaves and ovens. 

The EG2800i is also commendably quiet, with a certified noise rating of 67 dB at full load and 62 dB at quarter load.

Notable Features

  • Fuel tank capacity: 2.1 gallons
  • Starting mechanism: Recoil
  • Honda GC190LA engine
  • Weighs 67 lbs


  • Recoil start is faster than traditional gas-powered starts
  • Provides a great amount of power
  • Extremely fuel-efficient


  • Lacks user convenience features like mobile app integration

4. Honda EU3000iS 

RV camping is all about having a good time with your loved ones. As such, using an extremely quiet generator ensures you have uninterrupted fun. 

The EU3000iS only produces 58 decibels at full load, which is less than the sound you produce in a typical phone call. 

The unit can generate up to 3000 watts at start and 2800 watts at rated load.

It also uses fuel injector technology, which significantly enhances its fuel efficiency to a maximum runtime of 20 hours on a single tank.

Notable Features

  • Honda  GX200T2 OHV engine
  • 49-58 dB (A) rating
  • Low oil level alert
  • Weighs 144 lbs
  • 2800 watts output
  • Electric starter
  • CO-MINDER advanced carbon monoxide detection system


  • Extremely quiet
  • Remarkable fuel efficiency
  • Amazing power and performance
  • Can support a wide range of RV appliances, including 13,500 BTU AC units


  • A bit heavy and difficult to move around

Final Thoughts And Best Pick

All generators listed above are incredible in their own ways and there’s really no clear favorite.

However, we found the EU2200i to be more reliable and easy to use. 

The unit is considerably small and lightweight and can fit into any RV. It is also fuel-efficient, potentially giving you over 8 hours on a single tank.

We also liked the fact that it comes with a mobile app that allows you to control output parameters from a distance.