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Is Lexus Good for Uber?

Choosing the right car for Uber can be tricky as the vehicle you select impacts your overall earnings.

Uber has a special category for high-end luxurious vehicles like the Toyota Lexus to provide customers extra comfort with every ride.

The Lexus car is renowned for its top-of-the-line safety features, smooth adaptive handling, comfortable seats, ample legroom, and powerful, high-speed engine.

This guide answers the question of whether Lexus is good for Uber. Keep reading to find out more.

Is Lexus Good for Uber?

A Lexus can be good for Uber, depending on its condition and the registered category.

Uber has numerous categories for regular and luxury vehicles with the Lexus fitting perfectly in the Uber LUX categories.

A high-end SUV like Lexus guarantees higher earnings per trip but does not mean you will earn more than regular drivers in the long run.

The number of ride requests for a high-end machine like the Lexus is comparatively minimal, as only a few customers are willing to pay the extra money for a ride.

If you intend to use a Lexus for Uber, consider the number of ride requests for luxury cars in your route to determine your profit margins.

What Are the Pros and Cons?


  • Smooth adaptive handling
  • Reasonable safety features
  • Higher earnings per trip
  • Comfortable cabin with extra legroom
  • Ample cargo storage
  • Powerful engine


  • High operating costs
  • Comparatively higher fuel consumption
  • Ride requests depend on location
  • Requires high driver rating

Why Are Most Ubers in Dubai Lexus?

Most Ubers in Dubai are Lexus because the emirate city taxi corporation is a government subsidiary under the Roads and Transport Authority.

The Dubai government dictates what kind of cars can operate as taxis for tourism purposes.

Dubai is a popular tourist destination, and the government wants to make visitors feel special and comfortable by offering luxurious cars such as the Lexus as taxis.

Besides, visitors can reserve a ride with Uber up to 30 days in advance, making ridesharing in Dubai worth it.

Which Car Would Be More Profitable Than Lexus?

The most profitable car for Uber than Lexus should be safe and reliable with excellent handling, ample legroom, extra comfort, good fuel economy, and low operating costs.

A sedan meets the above description, and riders will always be sure to request a ride with one as long as they do not have unrealistic expectations.

Uber and its drivers make more money from non-luxurious vehicles since they receive more ride requests for these cars.

High-end luxury SUVs like Lexus might be profitable to drivers since riders have to pay more to enjoy the premium features offered by these cars.

However, profitability depends on several factors, including location, number of trips, and customer preferences.

Where Can You Rent a Car to Uber as a Driver?

Uber partners with various car rental companies, such as Hertz, Avis, Zipcar, and Tic-Car, to provide drivers with approved vehicles to drive with the ridesharing company.

The rental cars meet all insurance and basic maintenance requirements stipulated by the ridesharing company.

You cannot rent a car for Uber from an unapproved rental company as it might put customers at risk and violate rental contracts with Uber.

The ride-hailing company provides vehicle solutions to gig workers who want to earn money as part-time or full-time Uber drivers.

The rental cars are available at flexible rates with low or no upfront fees for most Uber drivers.

Are Electric Cars Good for Uber?

Electric cars are more than ideal for Uber as they help cut energy costs and conserve the environment.

With gas prices rising daily, acquiring an electric car for Uber makes more economic sense.

Uber markets itself as a green company as it strives to provide customers with sustainable, low-emission ride options.

Besides, the ride-hailing company is offering drivers of electric cars an additional $1 on every trip, guaranteeing up to $4,000 in annual earnings.

Today’s electric cars have a longer driving range covering up to 130 miles and have reasonably fast charging speeds, making them viable for this ridesharing industry.

If you care about environmental conservation and want to earn extra cash with Uber, consider registering your fully electric car with the company.

Wrap Up

Toyota Lexus is a good car for Uber, particularly for riders looking for extra comfort and prestige and drivers striving to make an extra buck from this luxury option.

The ride is stylish, luxurious, and handled by professional, highly-rated drivers with vast experience.

The only issue is that the earnings from using a Lexus for Uber vary based on location and clientele, as some customers assume that riding on this luxury car is pricey.

The good news is that Uber has stats on what locations customers like to request upscale rides like the Lexus.