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3 Popular Honda Scooters For Adults (Guide)

Honda may be currently more synonymous with its durable, compact sedans but the company’s motorcycle manufacturing history is equally great. 

Although the firm mostly makes utility motorbikes, it has developed some incredible scooters through the years. 

We dug through sales records and customer reviews and found 3 models that stood out from the rest.

What To Look For When Buying a Honda Scooter?

Honda’s selection of scooters is large enough that you will probably find it difficult to choose one particular model. 

It helps if you have a basic guideline on what you can base your choices on.

So, here are the three key considerations to make when buying a Honda Scooter:

Safety Features

When shopping for a scooter, it’s important to prioritize safety over everything else. Below are some of the features to look out for.

  • Real lift-off protection: This feature prevents the rear tire from lifting off when the brakes are applied. 
  • Traction control:  A scooter with strong traction control can move through slippery roads (e.g. wet or muddy roads) without losing stability. 
  • Anti-lock braking system: When you quickly apply the brakes, this system will prevent the rear tires from locking. As such, you will avoid skidding and have more control over your scooter. 
  • Airbags: Airbags deploy automatically (on impact) to protect the rider during frontal collisions. 

However, since Honda patented this safety feature, you can only find it in Honda scooters and motorcycles.


As mentioned above, Honda produces all sorts of scooters, from the lightweight 50cc types to more powerful, multi-cylinder bikes.

If you’ve never owned a scooter before, you should consider getting a low-powered one for a start.

These scooters are easier to learn and manage and are much cheaper to maintain in the long term.

Once you’ve gained enough experience you can then move to the heavier models.

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Tire Size

When it comes to scooters, the larger the tires, the higher the seat, and consequently, the more comfortable the riding experience.

Most scooters have 100mm wheels, which are ideal for beginners and shorter people.

If you’re fairly tall and have experience with two-wheelers, you may want to go for 110mm or 120mm tires.

These have a comfortable seat height, and they’re more stable. They can also safely handle higher speeds and tough terrains.

Where Are Honda Scooters Made?

Currently, the only active Honda motorcycle manufacturing factory is in Kumamoto, Japan. 

The factory handles all the essential bits of manufacturing, from fabrication to polishing components.

Depending on the market, some scooters can be assembled in other countries.

Honda has assembly plants in larger markets like India, Brazil, and China.

Nonetheless, these plants only do the final assembly as all production and manufacturing are done in Japan.

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How Fast Do Honda Scooters Go?

Different models have different top speeds, depending on engine power and type of road.

Generally, Honda scooters have engines ranging from 50cc to 300cc.

The 50cc models can comfortably move at speeds of 45mph and can reach 60mph on highways.

If you get a 100-150cc bike, it can give you between 60mph and 80mph without much sweat.

Models from 150cc upwards can comfortably cruise at speeds of 85mph and can attain even higher speeds in the right situations.

3 Best Honda Scooter For Adults

1. Honda Metropolitan

If you live in an urban area, you will love the agility and fuel efficiency of the Metropolitan.

This model is very beginner-friendly, not only for its low power, 49cc engine but also its low maintenance costs.


  • 49cc four-stroke engine
  • 35mph maximum speed
  • 1.2-gallon fuel tank
  • Underseat luggage storage of 22L
  • Tire: 80/100-10 front, 80/100-10 rear
  • Curb weight 179lbs


  • Beginner-friendly
  • Low fuel consumption
  • Great for urban trips


  • Not powerful enough for uphill trips
  • The top speed is too low

2. Honda ADV150

The ADV150 is typically built for adventure and out-of-town trips.

It’s powerful, fast, and remarkably quiet, not to mention rich in storage space. 


  • 149cc four-stroke engine 
  • Tire: Front – 110/80-14, rear -130/70-13
  • 27L storage 
  • Curb weight: 294 pounds
  • Fuel: 2.1 gallons


  • Can reach up to 60mph on highways
  • Large storage capacity


  • Quite expensive
  • Not as fast when carrying heavier passengers

3. 2022 PCX 

The Honda PCX is not just strong and fast but also ranks highly in the aesthetics department.

Honda market it as an urban scooter, but it’s powerful enough to handle dirt roads and rough terrains.


  • 30L storage unit
  • Curb weight: 288 pounds
  • Fuel tank: 2.1 gallons
  • 157cc single-unit, four-stroke cylinder
  • 12-volt charging box
  • Tire: 110/70-14- front, 130/70-13 -rear.


  • Relatively large storage space
  • Can go beyond 75mph
  • Good fuel efficiency


  • Has no ABS
  • Rather expensive

Which Is the Best Scooter In Honda?

The Honda PCX is arguably the best scooter in the market today. 

The model is so successful that Honda keeps producing newer versions, with the latest being the 2022 PCX.

Its sleek design, fuel efficiency, and great engine power make it stuck up against other models.

What Is The Most Reliable Scooter Brand?

There is no single brand that can pass as unanimously reliable.

However, several brands stand out, based on sales figures and reputation.

These include Kymco, Yamaha, Vespa  Suzuki, and of course Honda.

What Is Honda’s Biggest Scooter?

The biggest Honda scooter is arguably the Honda Integra NC750.

The model has a massive 750cc engine and 17-inch wheels, which make it seem too big to be a scooter.

It features an exhaust silencer, a Dual Bending Valve system, and a DCT gearbox, rather than the usual CVT transmissions.

It’s also classy and comfortable and has a chain drive, which is uncharacteristic of scooters.

Unfortunately, it’s quite expensive, which explains its low sales figures.

Final Thoughts

Honda is one of the most iconic motorcycle manufacturers in the world. You can never go wrong with their two-wheelers.

The scooter models are particularly impressive and designed to fit all types of riders and environments.

If you’ve never bought a Honda scooter before, any of the models mentioned above can be a good start.