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What Is Similar To Honda Ruckus? Top 5 Alternatives

Once it comes to commuting in the city, there’s no rival for scooters. They’re safe, effortless, and cost-effective. In fact, they’re the main form of transportation in many large cities. 

The Honda Ruckus is a fantastic option, but if you’re looking for something different, many other scooters are equally as good as the Honda Ruckus. We know that finding a Honda Ruckus alternative that offers the same value for money can be difficult.

No need to worry. Keep reading as we explore a few options you can consider alongside the Honda Ruckus. 

What is Honda Ruckus?

Honda Ruckus is a reliable scooter with a 49cc engine that’s great for getting around town but doesn’t have a lot of features out of the box. It’s a great option for people living in crowded cities, especially for commuting to work or college or running errands. 

The Ruckus is a beautiful utility motorbike. It includes a single liquid-cooled engine, an automated belt/pulley gearbox, and an electronic start. Its 29 inches above-the-ground storage is also available beneath the seat. 

To ride the Honda Ruckus, all you need to do is twist the wrist and press the electronic start button. Then the single-cylinder engine will start.

The automatic gearbox on this scooter removes the need to change the clutch. It has a gas capacity of 1.3 gallons and gets 114 miles per gallon. Furthermore, in most states, you won’t need a particular license to operate it.

In addition to performance and comfort, the Ruckus is beautifully designed. Its stylistic features include wide tires, a bare-bones frame, and dual headlamps. You’ll definitely be the center of attention wherever you go. 

The Ruckus can travel from 5,000 to 20,000 miles without any serious mechanical concerns. All you need to check is normal maintenance issues like other scooters.

You may only need to change a belt, tires, oil, and maybe a headlight bulb on occasion.

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What Is Honda Ruckus Good For?

If you want to ride a popular scooter, you’ll never regret buying a Honda Ruckus.

It’ll have no trouble dealing with mild off-road filled with gravel, sand, and mud. However, if you want to go for more difficult roads such as high altitudes, snowy, and watery tracks, you’ll need to customize your Ruckus.

Overall, it’s very joyful to ride around town with Ruckus. Honda Ruckus weighs 194 pounds with a full tank.

It’s easy to control and has precise breaks. So, it’s a perfect option for small riders since they won’t be scared anymore.

Affordable Price

Honda Ruckus has two different price rates based on the year it was manufactured. If you want the Honda Ruckus 2020, you should pay $2,749. On the other hand, Honda Ruckus 2022 will cost you $2,799.

Carries Two People

Despite its small size and relatively narrow frame, the Honda Ruckus can carry two people. So you can ride it with your boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse.

However, it has its limits for the maximum weight it can carry. With normal tires, this scooter can carry up to 300 pounds. In other words, two people weighing around 150 pounds can sit on a Honda Ruckus with no worry. 

Reasonable Speed Rate

The peak speed for the 49cc Honda Ruckus is around 35 miles per hour. You can accelerate it to 43 mph downhill with a strong tailwind. This scooter supports a speed as high as 25 mph for climbing hills, but on flat surfaces, it can go up to 28 or 30 mph.

Affordable Insurance 

Buying insurance for a Honda Ruckus won’t put a dent in your pocket. You’ll only need to pay around $8 per month. Compare that with the typical cost of car insurance, and you’ll see the Honda scooter is much more affordable since you’ll have to pay between $100 and $200 each month for your car insurance.

There are also some special offers for some states. So, whenever you decide to buy a Honda Ruckus, see whether the company or dealership has any special offers at that time. 

Excellent Gas Mileage

As we mentioned before, Honda Ruckus can fill the tank with 1.3 gallons of gas. As a result, all you need to pay for gas is around $8 per month. However, note that the frequency of use and how far you commute will affect your expenses. 

Upgradable to 150cc Engine

A great feature of Honda Ruckus is that you can upgrade your engine to 150cc GY6. This engine supports a speed up to 55 miles per hour. Also, you can go up steep hills, and it has both electric and kick starts.

High Resale Value

The Ruckus has an amazing resale value. This scooter is durable and reliable, so even if you decide to sell it for any reason, you’ll have many customers. Also, unlike other regular vehicles, it’ll support your needs for a long time with no breakdown. 

Top 5 Alternatives to Honda Ruckus

Honda Ruckus is perfect, but if you want to buy a scooter other than Ruckus, we’ll introduce you to the top 5 alternatives:

Honda Metropolitan

The Honda Metropolitan is a bit different from the Honda Ruckus.

Unlike the Ruckus, the Metropolitan has a traditional old-school scooter look and seems like it belongs in a European city. If you want to cruise through traffic, the Honda Metropolitan will serve your needs. 

It comes with an automatic multi-speed transmission, allowing you to ride and park without shifting gears. It travels 100 miles on a gallon of gas, and you can go around 40 miles per hour with it. 

There’s a 22-liter storage area underneath the seat where you can put your groceries or books. Plus, it comes with a lock, so you won’t have to worry about someone stealing your belongings when you’re away. 

To buy a Honda Metropolitan, you only need to pay $2,499. Both 2020 and 2022 models have the same price.

Top Features

  • Liquid-cooled 49cc four-stroke engine
  • 22 liters of storage space under the seat
  • The transmission includes an automatic V-Matic drive belt, eliminating the need for shifting 

Piaggio NRG 50 

The NRG 50 is a stylish yet practical scooter with a thin and aerodynamic design. Its bold design makes it stand out everywhere. So, if you like to attract attention everywhere you go, don’t doubt this one. It comes in black and white and features eye-catching orange detailing. 

It has a four-stroke liquid-cooled engine and 13-inch wheels that enhance stability. Moreover, the double-cradle frame and double-disc brakes give you extra peace of mind when riding this scooter. 

Top Features

  • Eye-catching design suitable for young people
  • Air-cooled single engine 
  • Electronic carburettor
  • Spacious underseat storage compartment 

Sym Jet 4 50 

This scooter is a highly reliable choice with a beautiful design that stands out in the crowd. 

It comes with a 4-stroke engine, a single-cylinder engine, LED lights, and a 1.6-gallon tank.  

Unfortunately, it’s relatively heavy, which also decreases its fuel efficiency. However, it makes up for the shortcoming in price and convenience. So, if it’s your first-time opting for two-wheel transportation, consider the Sym Jet 4. 

Top Features 

  • Beautiful design
  • Reliable ride for first-timers
  • Four-stroke engine, single-cylinder engine
  • Affordable price tag 

Kymco Agility 50

The Kymco Agility 50 is one of the most unremarkable scooters ever created. It isn’t very attractive like other scooters, but it has its advantages. 

Most importantly, it has a relatively low price tag. With the price around $1,799, it’s one of the most affordable 49cc scooters on the market. 

Its mileage is also a bit higher than the previous options, getting you 102 miles on a gallon of gas. Plus, the tank can hold 1.3 gallons of fuel. 

Like most scooters, this one also comes with an underseat storage compartment. There are also passenger foot pedals letting you ride the scooter with your partner or spouse for a romantic experience. 

Top Features

  • 49cc single-cylinder air-cooled engine
  • Has a carburetor instead of fuel injection 
  • Two-year limited factory warranty
  • Top speed close to 45mph

Genuine Scooter Company Buddy 50

Are you looking for something made in the United States? Genuine Scooters Buddy 50 is a fantastic option. It only costs $1,999 and has a classic, cool style.

This small scooter is a fantastic alternative for people who live in a city and have to ride a distance that is just a little too long for a bicycle. It’s trendy, fun, and budget-friendly.

The top speed for this scooter is 30 miles per hour, and it lets you travel 100 miles for each gallon of gas. 

Top Features

  • A two-stroke 49cc engine
  • Air-cooling technology 
  • A USB port for charging your mobile phone
  • Comes with under-seat storage
  • Two-year mileage warranty with no limits

Final Thoughts

Buying a scooter is a smart choice because you can use it for short trips around town. A Honda Ruckus is an easy and inexpensive means of transport if you simply need to go for a small distance on the streets.

But if you’re looking for something else, you should select one of the alternatives in this article. Choose any one based on your budget and needs.