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Is Honda Grom Automatic (11 Questions)

Automatic motorcycles are becoming more and more popular, especially among beginners. They’re easy to handle because they do the difficult job of gear shifting for you.

Honda is widely popular in the US market, offering a wide range of automatic and manual motorcycles. So, you may wonder if the Honda Grom is manual or automatic.

Are Groms Automatic or Manual?

The Honda Grom is a highly successful “pocket-sized” motorcycle that belongs to Honda’s “MiniMOTO” lineup. It’s one of the most fuel-efficient motorbikes with a rating of 134 mpg and has a power output of 10 horsepower. It’s a compact bike with a 47.7″ wheelbase and a curb weighing 213 lbs (105kg).

Here are some other features of this successful motorbike:

  • Engine: SOHC
  • Horsepower: 9.7
  • Fuel system: PGM-FI
  • Ignition: Electric
  • Transmission: 4- and 5-speed manual

Grom’s transmission is manual, meaning it’s not an automatic motorbike. So, you have to shift the gear at different speeds and road conditions. It features a manual clutch that you need to press when shifting gears, just like any manual motorbike.

You can see a gear-shift pedal below your left foot and a clutch lever below your left hand on the left handlebar.

Although you may think a manual motorcycle is difficult to ride, especially for a beginner, the Grom is very popular among beginners.

Its compact size and smooth ride make it easy to handle, helping beginners hone their skills. It’s perfect for city and road rides equally, offering a fun ride for beginners and skilled riders.

As one of the best-selling Honda motorcycles in the US, it has gone through major refreshes: the 2022 model has a powerful 124cc engine with higher compression. It’s also very low-maintenance and fuel-efficient, with a 10:0:1 compression ratio that makes it faster, too.

The previous models came with four gears, but the new updated model has a fifth gear, making it a faster bike without revving the engine too much.

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Is There an Automatic Motorcycle?

There are many automatic motorcycles in the market, and the number is increasing as different manufacturers jump on the trend.

These motorcycles still feature clutches, but the rider doesn’t need to change gears as the vehicle itself takes care of changing gears. As a result, the rider doesn’t have any control over the clutch and gears.

Some of the best automatic motorbikes from other manufacturers include:

What Honda Motorcycles Are Automatic?

Honda is one of the leading manufacturers of automatic motorbikes, with many of the highest-selling vehicles being different Honda models.

Honda Gold Wing, Africa Twin Adventure, Rebel, and Honda NM4 Vultus DCT are among the best automatic motorcycles.

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Are Automatic Motorcycles Good?

Automatic motorcycles help riders focus on the road because they don’t need to worry about shifting gears. Plus, they help beginners learn riding much easier.

However, if you’ve always ridden a manual motorbike, it may take some time to get used to the automatic one and retrain your muscle memory.

These motorcycles are particularly good for driving in traffic since, unlike manual motorcycles, you don’t need to press the clutch and shift the gears constantly.

Some seasoned riders believe that all the fun of riding a motorbike lies in changing gears and having control over the gear you choose. However, it’s a personal preference since many people believe the comfort of riding an automatic motorbike adds to the fun.

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Why Are Most Motorcycles Not Automatic?

Most motorcycles aren’t automatic because there are many challenges to be addressed. One of them is weight; automatic motorcycles need larger gearboxes, adding to the overall weight.

Plus, most automatic motorcycles feature a two-clutch system that controls gear-shifting with the help of a computer.

These technologies can raise costs so customers may feel it’s not worth it. That’s especially important when these added costs come with lower power, higher fuel consumption, and more maintenance requirements. What’s more, they’re less reliable than their manual counterparts because they have more complicated designs and components.

How To Ride an Automatic Motorcycle

Riding an automatic motorcycle is pretty straightforward. All you need to do is turn it on with a button. Since you can’t change the gear from neutral, most automatic bikes have a button that you press to make the bike move.

When you pull the kickstand up, the vehicle moves when you give it gas. It’s not different from riding a manual motorbike, except for not changing the gears.

Is a Honda Grom a Minibike?

Honda Grom is a mini bike because of its compact footprint. Here are its measurements:

  • Length: 69.2” (175cm)
  • Height: 40” (102cm)
  • Width: 28.4” (72 cm)
  • Trail: 3.31″ (84mm)

It weighs 213 pounds (105 kg), which may be a bit heavy for a minibike.

Honda made its exclusive line of minibikes called the monkey bike or the Z Series. They ended the production of that line in 2017 and started another line of minibikes called the Honda Monkey, based on the Grom.

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Are Honda Groms Electric?

Honda Groms are gas-powered, with a fuel capacity of 1.6 gals. They feature a 124cc air-cooled four-stroke 80º single-cylinder engine and automatic fuel injection. Apart from power, it has some other electric touches. 

For example, it has electric ignition and features a digital screen that shows the current stats, including the speed, ABS status, trim meter, etc.

Does Honda Make Electric Motorcycles?

Honda doesn’t make electric motorcycles, but it plans to unveil three models by 2024. The company hasn’t announced the type, size, or features of these bikes. 

All we know is that they’ll be city-style motorbikes built from the ground up. They likely won’t be the electric version of the current motorcycles, such as the Grom.

Final Thoughts

The Honda Grom is one of the most popular and best-selling motorcycles in the US, appealing to beginners and experienced riders. It’s a manual motorbike that runs on gas but features many exciting characteristics like a digital screen that shows the current stats of the vehicle.

This mini bike is perfect for beginners, although it’s not automatic. It’s easy to handle, nimble, lightweight, and has excellent fuel efficiency.