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Are Dual Sport Bikes Good? (11 Short Answers)

Dual sport bikes have become the craze in town thanks to their impressive on and off-road capabilities.

You can ride your dual sport motorcycle on dirt, pavement, or the highway for a thrilling riding experience.

However, one question remains – are dual sport bikes good?

Let’s find out.

Are Dual Sport Bikes Good For Beginners?

Yes, dual sport bikes are good for beginners since they are lightweight, flexible, and easy to maneuver on all terrains.

The engines focus on torque rather than horsepower, giving riders more control for a smooth and effective riding experience.

Moreover, torque is easily predictable and more linear, making it easier for beginners to ride them with minimal risks.

Their upright riding position also makes them comfortable and ideal for newbies.

Are Dual Sport Bikes Good Off-Road?

Yes, dual sport bikes are good for on and off-road riding thanks to their slim and lightweight design, not to mention their exceptional agility.

After all, they are dual-purpose motorcycles, meaning they offer the best of both worlds. 

You can ride your dual sport bike on all off-road terrains ranging from dirt and rock to sand and steep inclines, with relative ease.

Their long suspensions and high ground clearance are suitable for rough terrains, making dual sport bikes ideal for off-road riding.

Are Dual Sport Bikes Good For Long Trips?

No, dual sport bikes are not suitable for long trips.

First, most dual sport bikes have an engine capacity of less than 650cc, which isn’t ideal for long-distance travel.

The engine can become overwhelmed or even overheat during long trips. As such, you have to stop frequently to allow your bike time to recover.

Dual sport bikes don’t have windscreens, which are a safety requirement for long-distance travel. Moreover, they don’t grip the road appropriately, increasing the risk of skidding or losing control.

Are Dual Sport Bikes Good For Trails?

Yes, dual sport bikes are good for trails, thanks to their impressive off-road features and capabilities.

Although these bikes are prone to damage in case of a crash, they have minimal body parts, resulting in less destruction after an accident

They come equipped with crash protectors such as skid plates, crash bungs, and frame sliders that minimize damage in case of a crash.

Their upright riding position also makes them comfortable for traversing rough terrain, and with no windscreen, you can adjust your body easily to suit the riding surface.

How Far Can You Ride On A Dual Sport?

The farthest distance you can ride on a dual sport depends on the bike’s engine and fuel tank capacities.

A 250cc dual sport motorcycle with a 2.7-gallon fuel tank capacity can travel for a maximum of 200 miles before requiring a refill.

As you already know, most dual sport bikes are not suitable for long-distance travel. This means you must monitor your riding habits to avoid wearing down the engine.

Why Are Used Dual Sport Motorcycles So Expensive?

Most used dual sport motorcycles are expensive because of the upgrades made by their previous owners. For instance, they may be fitted with durable, high-performance components, making them more robust.

The demand for used dual sport motorcycles is also rising, and with increased demand comes higher prices.

Lastly, a dual sport bike model can be expensive if it is rare and not available in most dealerships or is no longer being manufactured.

What Makes A Dual Sport Bike?

The key components of a dual sport bike, including the tires (wheels), suspensions, gearing, engine, gas tank, and overall body construction are relatively different from other motorcycles.

For instance, the front tire of a dual sport bike is larger than the rear tire and it features spoked wheels known as knobbles, differentiating it from other motorcycles.

The suspensions of a dual sport bike are longer and it has a higher ground clearance than conventional bikes.

You’ll also notice that a dual sport motorcycle is comparatively slimmer and lighter, with excellent on and off-road capabilities.

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How Do You Drive A Dual Sport?

Driving a dual sport motorcycle is similar to riding other bikes.

However, it can be risky, so you must wear adequate and proper safety gear at all times.

You must also know when to sit, stand, and waddle as you traverse and navigate the different terrains.

Can Dual Sport Motorcycles Go On Highways?

Yes, dual sport motorcycles can go on highways without issues, thanks to their all-road capabilities.

These bikes are dual-purpose and intended for on and off-road use.

The only noticeable point is that dual sport motorcycles have more off-road features, explaining why most riders don’t prefer to ride them on highways.

Which Dual Sport Motorcycle Is the Best?

The best dual sport motorcycle depends on your preferences, requirements, and how you want to use your bike.

If you want a dual sport bike for competitive races, consider its speed, engine power or capacity, and traction.

If you need a dual sport motorcycle for off-road trails, consider factors such as suspensions, tires, and crash protectors.

Examples of the best dual sport motorcycles include:

  • 2022 Honda CRF 450RL
  • 2021 Honda CRF 450RX
  • KTM 500 EXC-F
  • Husqvarna FE 350S
  • Beta 430 RRS

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What Is The Difference Between A Supermoto And A Dual Sport?

The major differences between a Supermoto bike and a dual sport motorcycle revolve around the wheels, braking system, front fork, and ground clearance.

Dual sport bikes have a larger front wheel and a small rear tire, while the tires of a Supermoto are the same size.

The rotor brake of a dual sport motorcycle is on the side, while that of a Supermoto is on the front of the bike.

Supermoto bikes have an inverted front fork, while dual sport bikes have a standard front fork.

The ground clearance of a dual sport bike is higher than that of a Supermoto bike.

Final Thoughts

Dual sport motorcycles are increasingly becoming popular with both beginners and experienced riders.

These bikes are slim, lightweight, and easy to ride no matter your riding experience. 

They have excellent on and off-road capabilities, making them ideal for all riders.